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Schools in the Pacific need help and a new challenge will grow you. If you are a teacher with a teaching qualification Adventist schools in the Pacific could be enriched with your presence. If interested in some time in a school in the Pacific then consider the following:

Why would I want to do this? What do I expect? Be open-minded and prepared for anything.  Whatever happens God will not be surprised.

Seek God because you will influence the spiritual journeys of staff and students in Adventist schools in the Pacific.

Your trip to a school in the Pacific could gain In-service credit for teacher registration authorities (this will be explored with you if needed).
Where would you like to go? What country are you attracted to?

In the Trans Pacific Union Region of the Seventh-day Adventist Church we have schools in the following countries:

American Samoa one Adventist Primary/High school in this island country. The most easterly school in the region. It operates on an American curriculum. The influence of USA on this small country is clearly evident. Access to the country is through Hawaii or Samoa.
Fiji recognised in the tourist industry for friendly people. 13 Adventist Primary schools and 3 High Schools. Some of Primary schools are remote in inland locations. Access to Fiji is easy as it is a transport hub of the Pacific.
Kiribati – One High School on the remote atoll of Abemama. Access is via Fiji to the capital island of Tarawa then to Abemama. This school is our most northern school in the region.  It is in the northern hemisphere.
Samoa – One large Primary/High School in the capital Apia and a couple of Primary schools in more rural settings.  Marketed as “Treasured Islands” of the Pacific, this Polynesian country is scenic and its people have a passion for their heritage.
Solomon Islands - well over 100 schools some very remote and basic. 13 High Schools. Some schools are staffed by untrained teachers with minimal resources available to them. Our most westerly school is in this region. Access to the Solomon’s is from Australia to Honiara and then by plane to a regional airstrip and then by land transport or small sea craft.
Tonga – Known as the “Friendly Isles” there are two High Schools and two Primary schools. Access to Tonga is via New Zealand, Australia or Fiji. Tonga has the most southerly school. 
Tuvalu – One Primary school on a remote atoll in the Pacific. The world’s attention has been drawn to this little place as there is clear evidence here of rising sea levels due to global warming. Access is via Fiji.
Vanuatu – 7 High Schools and 26 Primary Schools. Many schools are staffed by untrained teachers with limited resources. Access to Vanuatu is from Australia and other Pacific countries and then small aircraft or ship.

Google maps and Wikipedia can give you more details.


A. Time - We would be interested in negotiating with you for whatever time you have to offer. Anything from two weeks to a year is potentially possible. However it is no                  good arriving at a school that is on holiday break and some countries have special visa requirements for some types of volunteers.

B. Travel - You would be responsible for return travel costs. Check the internet for approximate costs or contact us.

C. Incidentals - You will need to have a budget set aside for the purchase of personal items.

What can I expect from the host school

A. A Pacific welcome (do not under estimate this!)
B. Accommodation – will vary from very spartan (in some local villages) to similar conditions in Australia or New Zealand.
C. Food – Depending on the length of stay how this is managed will vary.
D. A potentially life changing experience.


Let’s connect your vision, dreams and thoughts with the needs in the Pacific. Contact Mr Bev Norman Trans Pacific Union Education Director