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Trans Pacific Union Mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church


Sabbath School Ministries and Personal Ministries Department

Sabbath School & Personal Ministries Department


To promote an active and effective Sabbath School program for all age groups focusing on the study of God’s word and the promotion of local and mission evangelism.

To inspire, encourage and train church members in the art of personal evangelism and effective social welfare work.

Work Done

Creating and compiling a few resources for the local mission directors to use for ministry in the field. A five year plan strategy was also completed.

What is offered.

We offered multiple resources on Sabbath School and Personal Ministries to inspire, motivate, equip, train and mobilize all members for outreach and educate them also in the four objectives of Sabbath School. And discipling of members for Jesus Christ and empower them for Service.


Training in small groups and reclaiming missing members has been done in Beula, Tongatapu in April; Branster Church in May; and PTEC Church in June.

Latest Happenings

I was fortunate enough to attend Children’s ministries Advisory (13th – 18th June), when they were discussing issues pertaining to children’s Sabbath School and the use of Grace Link method of approach to the Children’s Sabbath School.


The Seventh-day Adventist church in general has produced a lot of very useful resources that can help in the running of effective and successful Sabbath school programs in local churches. Here are some useful links:

 1  Sabbath School Network This is the Sabbath school Network site that will lead you to a lot of useful resources and links
 2  G.C. Sabbath School Website This site makes available the current quarter’s Bible study guides and mission quarterlies
 3  Adult Bible Study Guide This site not only makes available the current quarter’s Adult Sabbath school Bible study Guide, it also has some other useful sites
 4  Creative Ministry Center  A very useful site if you want to purchase Sabbath school resources
 5  Advent source Another useful site if you want to look for resources not only Sabbath school but church related resources
 6  Deaf Ministry
Contains many excellent resources for people who are deaf, including inspirational articles and a newsletter for deaf people
 7  Cool tool for Sabbath School This website offers a number of short and useful ideas to enhance your Adult or Youth Sabbath school class
 8  Edu/Probe  This has very thought provoking comments on the weekly study topic on the Adult lesson. It is hosted by the Walla Walla Colleges School of Theology. It is really good in the class discussion area
 9  Cameron law  This is also a good teaching idea that will help in the lesson discussion
 10  Sabbath School Leadership Magazines  This is a magazine that provides ideas, training and encouragement for people who lead out in Adult Sabbath schools
 11  Plusline  


Department Resources:

Besides the useful websites that we have shared with you here are resources that can be made available to you upon request to the Sabbath school department of the Union.

Sabbath school
cool tool for out reach
 Booklet  Contains some excellent ideas that can be used by Sabbath school classes who are mission driven and want to reach out into the community.
 Adult Lesson on CDs  Audio CDs  This is an excellent resource that is sent out to every minister each quarter. Class teachers can be organized to listen to this during the week and use the ideas Sabbath morning in their classes.
 Adult Lesson on Power point  CDs  Excellent resource for churches that have the equipment to screen the power point presentation. It is produced every quarter.
 Teaching Sabbath Adult Sabbath school  Workshops  These workshops can be conducted on request.
 How to prepare & teach a SS class  Workshops  These workshops can be conducted on request.
 Effective Sabbath School  Workshops  These workshops can be conducted on request.
 Growth class & Action unit  Workshops  These workshops can be conducted on request.
 Link between Sabbath school and Personal Ministry  Workshops  These workshops can be conducted on request.


1 Principals of Christian Witnessing  Workshop
2 Reproducible Evangelism  Workshop
3 Strategic planning in a local Church  Workshop
4 Visitation principals  Workshop
5  Brining people for Decision  Workshop
6  Christ’s way of Reaching people  Workshop
7  How to retain New members in the church  Workshop
8  Outreach program in the local church  Workshop
9  Friendship Evangelism  Workshop
10  Small Group  Workshop


Here is the Directory of our team in the Local Missions:

Mission/Union  Name  Office Contact  Home Contact  Email Contact
Trans Pacifc Union Pr.Luther Taniveke  (679) 332 1711  (679) 7165668
Solomon Islands Pr.Vince David  (677) 39267
Vanuatu Pr. Philip Morris  (678) 36427
Fiji Pr. Tiko Kabu  (679) 3361022
Samoa Pr Levi laga'aia  (685) 20 451
Tonga Pr Fanueli Mataele  (676) 26 042
Kiribati/Nauru Pr Kabata Tokai  (686) 21 303


Links to other sites:  This site should take you to other useful resources.