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Family Ministries

Seventh-day Adventists recognize families are the building blocks of community, the church and society. We believe God created families to nurture warm, meaningful and loving relationships. In families children develop beliefs, values, attitudes which translate into behavioural patterns that shape their future the future of their community. The greatest investment parents make is not in their mortgage but in their children. 

Marriage is under attack in today's society yet it is supposed to be the very foundation of every community in the world. For example the divorce rate in the United States is a staggering 50% and in Australia is about 43%. Here in the islands it varies but is of great concern because it is known to be growing. Family violence is an issue and the growth of HIV-Aids is also worrying. My Family Life Ministries Department operates specialist programs in all aspects of Christian Family ministries. At the outset however I need to make it clear that underlying all that we do is the fact that we are primarily interested in fostering a deeper and more qualitative Spiritual Relationship between the people we work with and our Lord Jesus Christ. We are keen to see our people understanding just how much we value them and how we are consequently willing to do what we can in offering and delivering this aspect of ministry.

We conduct seminars, retreats, education programs; we produce materials on marriage, pre marriage information, marriage relationships and run special programs known as Marriage Enrichment Seminars. These latter programs last several days and include selected couples who are invited to come away with my team where we run a very intimate and rewarding marriage relationship refreshment program. These programs are designed to rebuild the couple's understanding of their relationship and to strengthen their marriage.

We advise on Abuse, HIV-Aids, Conflict and a host of related areas. My department has material resources, eg, Bible Studies on Marriage, material on Abuse, Aids etc ( See a list below as you may be interested in asking for some of these) and we are willing to come into your Mission or Institution to help by making presentations in our specialist area. I can be contacted by email at , by phone at 679-332 1711, by fax at 679-332 1524 or by letter c/- TPU, PO Box 270 , Suva , FIJI . Please contact your Mission Family Life Director (A list of Family Life Ministries Directors can be found below) if you would like to have our Union program come to your district. If you are a Union Institution you need to contact this department direct. Please watch this page for updates on programs we will be operating and places we will be operating in during 2006 in case you would like to plan to be in attendance.

Should you need Family Ministries help, you are encouraged to firstly seek the resources of your Local Mission. A list of your Local Directors is shown below.


Name Contact Details
Kiribati-Nauru Pr Titau Tavita Ph (686) 21 303    
Vanuatu Pr Philip Morris Ph (678) 22 157    
Fiji Pr Nasoni Lutunaliwa Ph (679) 336 1022  
Solomon Islands Pr Fresah Reuben Ph (677) 39 696   
Samoas-Tokelau Pr Sione Ausage Ph (685) 21 359   
Tonga Pr Fanueli  Ph (676) 26 042